Role Call : I've got a tank full of courage, a highway star!! Engine Speedor!


Engine Speedor

Engine Speedor is Go-On Red's Partner Engine, a hybrid of a sportscar and a condor. He can't be beaten when it comes to his starting speed. He says "Doru Doru" a lot. His catchphrase is "Buchigishize! Doru Dorutsu!!" In episode 7, Bombe Banki rusted him and the two other Engines. He stays rusted and was stuck in his small form in episode 8, which didn't let the three main Go-onger fight Boring Banki. Sosuke was unable to un-rust Speedor and he became real sick. Sosuke expected a miracle to happen, but it didn't.

Engine Speedor's soul form

Speedor endangered himself looking for his partner "walking" in his small form. Sosuke accepted there being no miracle and worked very hard to clean Speedor and Engine-O successfully defeated Boring Banki along with GunBir-O. He doesn't like letting Sosuke down and often has to apologize for his actions, that essentially came with well intent.


  • He along with the other Engines is the second mecha can talk,the first GaoLeon, GaoCondor, GaoSawshark, GaoBuffalo and GaoTiger.

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