Role Call : GokaiSilver!!!


Gai Ikari(GokaiSilver)

The sixth member of Gokaiger, Gai is the only Earthling on the team and will utilize the powers of the 6th Rangers of the past.


Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerEdit

Gai is an Earthling teenager and a self-professed Super Sentai fanboy. He was granted the GokaiCellular by the spirits of the three dead 6th Rangers -DragonRanger, TimeFire, and AbareKiller, all of whom possessed Dinosaur-themed mecha and were initally antagonistic to their team. This happened after he risked his life to save a young girl from a car accident- one where he himself got hit by the car.

After he was given his powers Gai recognized how similar his ranger form was to the Gokaiger and went looking for them. During this time he attempted to unloack the powers of the Abaranger, Zyuranger and Timeranger. However, short of transforming himself into GokaiSilver, he couldn't unlock the ultimate powers. Upon meeting the Gokaiger, he attempts to impress them and succeeds in eventually getting an audience with the team. Marvelous however confiscates his devices until he can provide an answer as to what he can bring to the team. He impresses them by going into battle without his devices. Unlike the Gokaiger, Gai isn't out to find the ultimate powers- he is out to save mankind and destroy the Zangyack, something Capt. Marvelous finds to be an interesting new concept. Marvelous accepts him and the Gokaiger accept him, however, as an apprentice. Navi links him to the Gokaiger's keyroad and the team allowes him access to the treasure chest of Ranger Keys. Unlike the rest of the Gokaiger, Gai can somehow picture himself communicating (silently) with the 6th rangers and has an interesting ability to combine them into unique hybrid forms, just like in episode 19,as the two-ranger Go-On Wings mode and the fifteen-ranger Gold Mode

Weapons and MechaEdit


  • GokaiCellular
  • GokaiSpear
  • GokaiBuckle
  • Ranger Keys


  • GoZyuDrill
    • GoZyuRex
      • GoZyuJin

GokaiSilver Gold ModeEdit


  • Name : Gai Ikari
  • Age : 16 - 17 (during Gokaiger)

19-20 present

  • Sentai Ranger : GokaiSilver
  • Sentai Series : Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • First Appearance : Gokaiger Episode 17 (The Amazing Silver-Colored Man)
  • Last Appearance : Gokaiger Last Episode
  • Actor : Junya Ikeda
  • Actor Age : 18-19(during gokaiger)

21 present