Role Call : Rekka Daizanto


Rekka Daizanto

The Rekka Daizanto (Blazing Great Slicing Sword) is Shinken Red's huge personal weapon, it transforms from his Shinkenmaru. The Daizanto mode resembles a zanbato and the Ozutsu mode resembles a gun. Shinken Red can perform the Hyakka Ryoran (Many Flowers Profusionary Bloom) attack that can slash between any material such as an entire car.

Ozutsu ModeEdit

Rekka Daizanto-Ozutsu Mode,just like a normal Rekka Daizanto but this mode don't like a big sword,this mode is a big gun.Ozutsu Mode always ready to shoot with Shishi Disk,Ryuu Disk,Kame Disk,Saru Disk and Kabuto Disk.

Used By Edit

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